Hi! I'm Marek Szulik.
I'm a Java and C# programmer, also capable of
doing some PHP / HTML / CSS / JS.

Graduated IT on Cracow University
of Technology
, I've recently joined Plex team
as an Android developer.

I've formed a two-man indie game studio called Apprising. Make sure to check out our first Android game - Avoid the Black, link below.
WiFi Talkie is an Android project I relised for Somyac. In this app I was responsible for building the layouts, writing methods that manipulate the layout and for some utility functions.
Avoid the Black is an Android game created with Unity. The goal of the game is to avoid black obstacles and score as many points as you can! You can download it on the Play Store.
BistroClub is an app I've made for Webinspire. The app displays discounts for various restaurants in your surroundings. It also features a manual location setting, which allow you to check where discounts in other places. I've build the whole app. You can download it on the Play Store.
Career Path is a Tizen Web App project I realised for Somyac. In this app I've built the whole app from scratch.Technologies used creating this project include: HTML5, CSS3 and JS.
Dyna is a non-comercial project done just for fun and to sharpen my skills. It's a remake of an old classic: Dyna Blaster. The project needs refactoring and some performance improvements.
You can enjoy the game at manfredmaniek.pl/dyna.
Good Trip is a project I've done for my studies. It's a travel agency simulation. Technologies used creating this project include: PHP, HTML, CSS and JS.
You can view it at manfredmaniek.pl/goodtrip.
Scultptor is an Android project I realised for Somyac. It's a modeling app in which I was responsible for the 3d models, rendering and modifying them and creating a 2d mesh from a 3d object. Technologies used include: openGL ES 2.0

You can contact me via mail or LinkedIn.